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The Chain Report

Get a sneak peek of our highly-anticipated Top 500 chain report, which takes a comprehensive look at the restaurant landscape and performance of the largest 500 chains. Explore pertinent industry news, learn who are the segment leaders and top growing chains, and more.

Foodservice, Restaurants, Webinar
Webinar The Chain Event

Uncover the top growing chains, segment leaders, and more…

There are some big lessons to learn from the nation’s biggest chains. Tune in to see not only how the Top 500 are performing, but the insights they provide about consumers’ rapidly evolving tastes.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • Pertinent news updates on the post-COVID chain industry, from restaurant closures and openings to changing consumer preferences
  • The top 5 U.S. chains ranked by total units and sales
  • Chain regionality
  • Who are the segment leaders and top growing chains among limited-service and full-service chains
  • Consumer perceptions of a chain’s food quality, service, and more
  • Menu innovation among the top chains
  • Who are the brands to watch

Watch the episode for more!