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Menu Magic

Learn all about menu development and get consumer and operator insights around shaping menus in the competitive food industry landscape.

Consumer Insights, Foodservice, Restaurants, Webinar

Are you tired of the guesswork when it comes to crafting the perfect menu for your restaurant or food business? Watch this webinar for data-backed keys to developing a winning menu.

During this session with Jack Li and Emily Tang, you’ll discover insights on how to get your items on the menu and learn about the decision-making process behind creating a winning menu for your restaurant or food business.

Datassential experts share:

  • Research on consumer attitudes and behaviors towards menus
  • Operator data on menu updates and changes
  • Strategies to get items featured on the menu and how to make offerings stand out and appeal to your target audience
  • How menus evolve over time to stay relevant in the competitive food industry landscape
  • And more!

Plus, get access to our AI-generated song featured during the webinar! You’ll love it.

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