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Retain, Protect and Upsell with AI-powered Insights

Watch this webinar to learn how to arm sellers with insights for data-backed sales targeting, including where to chase and how to prioritize prospects to increase your conversation rates.

Uncover your most profitable foodservice sales targets

Looking for an edge in this challenging and ever-changing foodservice landscape? Today’s operators have very limited time and bandwidth, and it’s no surprise that their No. 1 annoyance is getting sales calls from reps who don’t understand their business.

Foodservice sales success today demands that manufacturers move beyond traditional product sampling and cuttings to deliver a fully consultative experience, where reps are equipped with strategic insights around operators’ businesses, competitive intelligence, pricing insights and related data that’s coveted by operators and adds value beyond the sales transaction.

Watch Jennifer Aranas, Sales Director, and Marie Molde, Director of Product Marketing, in this 30-minute webinar to get the inside scoop on identifying top prospects and arming sellers with AI-powered insights to increase conversion rates and expand the value your teams deliver to customers.

This webinar covers how you can:

  • Understand key operator challenges and what they need from you
  • Grow your business and hit your targets in a projected flat 2024 market
  • Know where to chase and how to prioritize based on key industry movement and growth
  • See how to move beyond a transactional supplier and retain, protect and upsell with ease