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Using Trends to Make Simply Smarter Decisions in 2022

Food Trends, Foodservice, Webinar

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If 2020 was about survival, and 2021 was about getting consumers excited again in the face of the supply chain crisis and more COVID problems, 2022 is the year when big ideas are back. 


But after the two years that we’ve been through, how do you look to the future with optimism and an eye for innovation?

Learn. Experiment. Collaborate. 

If the industry is going to take a big step forward this year, it certainly helps to know what foods and flavors are growing on menus and what larger industry trends are at play. And while you’re at it, it’d be helpful to be able to discuss all this in a forum of your industry peers. 

You can get all of that in our free Simply Smarter Webinar series. The next episode is the final installment – Part Two, if you will – of our 2022 BIG TRENDS event on Thursday, January 20 at 12 p.m. CST. If you haven’t registered yet, click here




Part One of The 2022 BIG TRENDS Webinar featured highlights from our 2022 Big Picture Factors Report , providing an outlook and general understanding of the 2022 landscape across economics, politics, demographics, technology, health and wellness, environment and agriculture, and consumer lifestyle. While we don’t have a perfect view into the future (as the COVID pandemic showed us all), we can look at trend lines, major events, and expert viewpoints to consider the factors and assumptions that will impact the food industry and our individual businesses in 2022. 


If you missed Part One, you can watch the recording and presentation in the ‘What’s New’ section here.


Part Two of The 2022 BIG TRENDS Webinar will share a sneak peek of our 2022 Annual Trends Report (releasing this week in Report Pro!), highlight  “veggie heroes”, top flavors and ingredients to watch in 2022, and larger trends including the metaverse and much more. Register for the event here. And if you can’t make the webinar, the recording will be made available 2-3 business days following the event in the ‘What’s New’ section of


The Big Picture Factors Report and Annual Trends Report provide a full picture of the trend landscape and are designed to help you make simply smarter decisions in the year ahead and beyond. If you don’t have access to the reports in Report Pro, but would like to know more, please reach out to