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COVID-19 has made its way into every facet of our lives, and access to information may feel like it’s in a state of flux. The latest news, media, and information sources are rapidly evolving, and it’s hard to get a lock on one place to get everything you need to know. While we can’t predict what is going to happen with Coronavirus, we can provide you with the data to help your business run as smoothly as possible. We’ve developed this resource so you’ll always have access to the newest research and any previous work we’ve completed covering Coronavirus.


It is truly a momentous event that will require the industry to come together, so we are providing all of our Coronavirus related reports and resources, as they’re ready, free of charge. In doing so, we hope these reports will help you and your customers confidently navigate the period ahead.


Download any report by clicking on the cover image below. Please feel free to share these reports broadly, both within your organization and with colleagues throughout the food industry. By sharing information, we can all help our industry prepare and bounce back in the most effective way possible.


Let us know how we can help – we’re here for you.

COVID-19 Report Series

COVID-19 Report 1

3.12.2020 | Coronavirus & The Impact on Eating

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Our first report was fielded with consumers across the nation to get a read on people’s attitudes toward eating and dining out as Coronavirus fears escalate as well as understand the implications for foodservice operators.

COVID-19 Report 2

3.17.2020 | Fear & Response

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From March 10 to March 14, consumers’ familiarity with and worries about coronavirus rose sharply, with 49% now very concerned for their own personal safety during this pandemic (up from 41% only four days earlier).

COVID-19 Report 3

3.19.2020 | Into the Home

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Since Datassential’s last consumer study, the wave of dining room closures across the country gained strength, with mandates from the governors of 24 states, to guidelines against in-person visits from the White House.

COVID-19 Report 4

3.24.2020 | Hands Off

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Carryout and souped up cleanliness are new table stakes. But what else can restaurants do to comfort customers and maintain trust.Our 4th report helps industry dives into packaging consumers trust with suggestions for providing more reassurance around food safety.

COVID-19 Report 5

3.27.2020 | Sheltered

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As consumers adapt to sweeping shelter-in-place orders and adjust to their “new normal,” understand the role food plays in establishing normalcy and comfort in the face of crisis. And uncover how supporting consumers and operators may actually be a two-way street.

COVID-19 Report 6

3.31.2020 | Healthcare Operators

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Many of the current struggles are a shared experience across foodservice operators. Identify the unique challenges facing the operators on the frontlines of the COVID-19 crisis and how the industry can help – dive into healthcare operators.

Interviews and Videos

COVID-19 Interview

3.20.2020 | The Psychology of a Pandemic

Transcript Available Here

Join Marie Molde as she interviews world-renowned psychologist and leading expert in disgust, Dr. Paul Rozin on Coronavirus and the lasting impact it may have on the world and particularly, the food industry.

Restaurant Traffic Briefings

Traffic Briefing 1


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Restaurants may be down, but they’re not out. The latest consumer data shows that over half consumers consider eating out to give restaurants some hope for a turnaround. Get the latest data in the first Restaurant Traffic Briefing.

Traffic Briefing 2


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Going the extra mile to reassure consumers has never been more important. Unease continues to creep up, but it’s not keeping people from going to restaurants. See how much can change in 2 days in the latest briefing.

Additional Resources

Closure Tracking

Bar and dine-in service closures as of 3-20-2020

Closure Tracking

Bar and dine-in service closures as of 3-25-2020

FoodBytes | March 2020

Operator Response to COVID-19

See how the industry is banding together and adjusting business strategies in the wake of COVID-19