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10 Foods & Flavors to Watch in 2022

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Every December, as part of Datassential’s list of the trends to watch in the year ahead, we also release our list of the 10 foods, flavors, ingredients, and dishes that should be on your radar. It’s arguably the most popular part of the report, as food industry experts look for the foods and flavors they already know – confirming they are ahead of the trends — and new options to test and experiment with.

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They are always early-stage trends found in the “Inception,” or very first, stage of our Menu Adoption Cycle, but they made the list because of their potential growth opportunities. From proteins to spicy peppers to desserts to drinks, there’s a little bit of everything on this year’s list. When you encounter them in the future, you can say you learned it here first:

  • Yuba Noodles: Made from tofu skin, this naturally plant-based noodle option works in bowls, stir fries, and soups. It’s showing up on menus as well as in a number of retail products.

yuba noodles - food trends 2022


  • Black Salt: Often used to give plant-based “egg” dishes that distinctly sulfurous flavor, now chefs are discovering black salt’s unique flavor profile in its own right. While a little goes a long way, it’s showing up on cocktail rims, in desserts, and sprinkled over butter for a next-level bread course.

black salt - food trends 2022

  • Sikil Pak: This Mayan pumpkin seed could be the next hummus or guacamole. Find it topped with fried cauliflower, marinated jicama, and sunflower seeds at Portland, Oregon’s Tamale Boy.

sikil pak - food trends 2022

  • Chiltepin Peppers: These tiny powerhouses are the only wild pepper native to North America. As U.S. consumers continue to seek out new spicy flavors, look for these peppers to show up in meat and seafood entrees, dips, and sauces.

chiltepin peppers - food trends 2022

  • Hearts of Palm 2.0: Hearts of palm are making a comeback as plant-based seafood replacements and in a range of Latin-inspired dishes. Consumer trial of hearts of palm increased 6% in just the past 2 years, earning it an “On Fire” rating from our Flavor database.

hearts of palm - food trends 2022

  • Chaat: India’s favorite savory, crunchy, spiced street snacks, chaat, are seeing renewed interest in the U.S. Find them at Chit Chaat Corner, which specializes in crispy pani puri, outside of Washington, D.C.

chaat - food trends 2022

  • Next-Level Non-Dairy Ice Cream: As new alternative “milk” and dairy options continue to trend (from potato and squash “milks” to animal-free milks that are virtually identical to cow milk), look for next-level non-dairy ice creams to start showing up more at retail.

non dairy - food trends 2022

  • Indian Pizza: Indian pizza chains and menu items are popping up across the country, offering up options like tikka masala or butter chicken pizza. Check out chains like Masala Pizza in Illinois, Curry Pizza House in California, and Pizzawala’s in Michigan.

indian pizza - food trends 2022

  • Shashlik: These meat kebabs are appearing on more menus with traditional Central Asian and Russian flavors. Find them at markets like New York’s Tashkent Supermarket or L.A.’s Pacific Coast Food, sometimes called the “Russian Costco.”

shashlik - food trends 2022

  • Asian Rum: Historical evidence points to Asia being the birthplace of rum (which makes sense considering that’s where sugar cane originally comes from). Now new distillers are celebrating a modern age of Asian rums, like India’s Maka Zai, Vietnam’s Sampan Rhum, Cambodian Samai Kampot Pepper rum, and the Philippines’ Kasama rum.

asian rum - food trends 2022


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Mike Kostyo is the Trendologist at Datassential.