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Equity and Inclusion: A Glimpse into the Lives of Six Women at Datassential

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At Datassential, we are incredibly proud of all our employees, whether they have been with us for two weeks or ten years, write trend reports or support clients, live in Paris or the Pacific Northwest.

But ahead of International Women’s Day, we’d like to take some time out to shine a spotlight on six women, across different geographies and roles, that represent the kind of diversity and share the values we always want to stand for. 

It’s telling that at the start of this collaboration, more than one of these women underscored that they didn’t want to be the only ones in the spotlight, but rather act as representatives of all the great women working at Datassential, supporting clients around the globe in different ways every day of the year. 

So as you read about these women below, we ask that you think about all the women – making up more than half our staff and two-thirds of our leadership team – that are making Datassential a better company to serve people like you, today and in the future.

Anjali Ambat

Talent Acquisition Lead

Helping us hire exceptional people at Datassential, Anjali is a relative newcomer: She’s been with the company for a year this month. 

One of the things that makes her most proud is seeing women across the company show “dedication, passion and unwavering commitment to the organization to continuously break barriers, and shape the future while balancing the varied roles they play outside of work.”

“Open communication channels and a non-egoistic and collaborative culture encourage me to express my thoughts, ideas, and concerns,” she said. 

The flexibility and remote-first environment also offer better balance between work and home life.

“For me, life and work blend, being my own team and a busy mother of two growing children with after-school activities. It helps me stay motivated, be my best, and bring new ideas to the table.”

Renee Lee Wege

Trendologist & Senior Publication Manager 

You probably know Renee as a frequent host of our monthly webinars, but behind-the-scenes, our Senior Publications Manager and recently-named Trendologist manages, researches, writes, and edits TrendSpotting publications covering everything from global trends to growing Inception-level ingredients clients should have on their radars. 

It’s been an exciting year so far for Renee, her 9th at Datassential, beginning with her work on our 2024 Annual Trends report. In addition to future Annual and Midyear Trend reports and multiple Trendspotting publications in between, she says she’s looking forward to doing more speaking engagements this year and is “excited to connect more directly with folks in the industry.”

Of the things that makes her most proud to work at Datassential, she said: “Women who are moms are much more than moms, and this is true for anyone here who has a family, not just those who are women-identifying, but it is nice to be at a company and a new generation of companies where you don’t have to feel like you need to ‘hide’ having kids or familial obligations.”

Raphaëlle Agier

Vice President, Latin America & EMEA Customer Experience

Raphaëlle Agier, based in Lyon, France, has been with Datassential and  predecessor company CHD for a total of nine years, helping us grow by ensuring rich relationships between customers and the company, and setting ambitious goals to grow Datassential’s presence across the globe. 

She said she’s most proud of the feeling that she makes a difference at work and “to be able to coach each member of the team to make them better in their work and bring them to the next level.” 

Raphaëlle sums up Datassential’s culture with one word – Equity – and says the the one thing that stands out about the work environment is the fact that no one is treated differently for their gender, but rather, “we are just a team working together and going in the same direction with our passion for the food and beverage industry.”

Emily Woodin

Senior Accountant

Emily has been with Datassential for a little over four years. As senior accountant, she manages revenue recognition for the U.S. and EMEA, and sales tax processes to ensure the company remains in compliance with states’ various tax regulations. 

As for what makes Datassential stand out, she says: “I have come from male-dominated companies/industries where opportunities for women were few and far between. I appreciate a company like Datassential that views people in their entirety, with responsibilities and a life outside of work.”

She’s most proud of the company’s focus on diversity and the encouragement of everyone to “bring themselves to the job.” 

“Personal experiences and collaboration are important for new topics, products, and processes which encourages growth of individuals and the company,” she said. 

Caitlin Root

Vice President, Customer Experience

Caitlin’s role involves partnering with customers to help grow their business through our wide array of data and analytics. 

One of the most exciting things she’s involved with now is Datassential’s new community platform, Elevate, that’s intended to be a vehicle for food and beverage leaders to collaborate and influence the future of the industry.

She says she’s most proud “to be working at an organization that not only is passionate about helping the industry and our customers, but is also committed to the professional development of its staff.”

Datassential is also the first company she’s worked for that has a majority-female executive team. 

“I’m so proud to be part of an organization that promotes such diversity and to be working alongside such creative and intelligent female peers,” she said.

Monika Miteva

Associate Director, Syndicated Data & Panel

Monika Miteva, who’s been with Datassential for nearly five years, manages relationships with data collection vendors and optimizes data collection spend.  

She’s clear about the support she feels at the company. 

“I am someone who is not afraid to challenge the status quo and propose sometimes drastic changes. All my ideas and suggestions are heard and carefully evaluated by my manager, and many of them have been realized with support from the teams involved. Even when the changes are difficult, the people I work with remain positive and everyone is in it together,” she said. 

As for what makes her most proud about working at Datassential, she says: “Our company values are awesome and they are not just on paper. My favorite one is ‘Our Table Welcomes All.’ I am an immigrant from Bulgaria and on my team alone there are two other immigrants – from Albania and Honduras. Datassential puts forth a genuine effort to build a diverse workforce without compromising the talent quality. It is a company where you truly have the chance to live the American dream.”