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Mexilink Case Study

Equipped to overcome barriers and sales objections with actionable data

Mexilink is the U.S. distributor and salesforce for Tajín USA. Tajín is the No. 1 Chili/Lime seasoning in the U.S., and one of the fastest-growing items on menus in 2023.


When he stepped into the role of Director of Foodservice Sales – Tajín at Mexilink, Adam Friedman felt that he and his team were flying blind. They were unequipped to make the most educated or data-driven decisions to guide their sales efforts. 

Adam and his team needed access to the right data and insights that would help them understand what opportunities to focus on, yet Mexilink lacked applicable foodservice data from their existing insights partners. 

Adam began analyzing  Mexilink’s needs and understanding what providers were available to support Mexilink and help them make data-backed and strategic decisions to increase their foodservice sales success.

Unequipped to make data-driven decisions in foodservice

Needed the right data to uncover key segments and opportunities

Began a deep dive analysis into available solutions


After convincing internal stakeholders about the need for data and insights to uncover the highest potential foodservice opportunities and guide the roadmap for Mexilink’s growth in the industry, Mexilink subscribed to Datassential’s menu trends and consumer preferences solutions to inform and validate a data-driven sales story that enabled their team to defend and win menu placements across all foodservice segments.

Convinced internal stakeholders of Datassential’s value

Subscribed to menu trend tracking and consumer preferences data

Built a compelling sales story to defend and win menu placements


Mexilink has incorporated Datassential insights into their marketing presentations for foodservice sales opportunities – including to some of the largest QSRs in the country – to demonstrate how Tajín is a fit for their menus and consumers. Soon after partnering with Datassential, Mexilink was able to land a face-to-face meeting with one of the largest restaurant chains in the country and show that the operator’s core customers are the same consumers who over-index in preference for Tajín. Access to Datassential MACs (Menu Adoption Cycles), trends, and consumer preference data enables Mexilink to validate not what operators should buy, but why they should buy it – backed by up-to-the minute trend and consumer preference data and growth forecasts. Adam has found that the partnership allows his team to overcome any barriers, sales objections, and questions relating to Tajín’s applications, and has opened many more doors for Mexilink across all foodservice channels.

Incorporated Datassential insights into marketing and sales presentations

Winning face-to-face meetings and adding value with insights

Equipped to overcome barriers, sales objectives, and product application questions