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Datassential Launches New Algorithm to Identify Plant-Based Foods on Menus

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CHICAGO, Sept. 20, 2022 — Datassential, the leading food and beverage insights platform connecting the dots between consumers and the food industry, has introduced a new algorithm to help manufacturers and operators understand the ever-evolving composition of plant-based alternatives on menus. 

Plant-based items have been rapidly growing in menu prevalence, and simultaneously evolving as new technologies and brands emerge. Differing vocabulary and definitions have made tracking trends and insights within the category a challenge. Datassential’s solution provides an intuitive way to understand plant-based menu trends for both dairy and meat replacements with ease and confidence.


Datassential’s team of trend experts and data scientists curated a new universal language for plant-based descriptions and built an algorithm that captures everything that encompasses the spirit of the plant-based trend — one that includes ‘tofu scramble with shredded pork’ and ‘cauliflower steak’ but ignores ‘side of broccoli’.


This algorithm is unique to Datassential and is first available to its MenuTrends customers. With plant-based items expected on 40% of menus by 2025, this algorithm will help customers overcome the challenge of accessing comprehensive plant-based menu data and insights.  


“Building an automated and intelligent approach was critical to decoding the complex universe of plant-based trends,” said Datassential Chief Data Scientist, Alex Langowski. “With the rapid evolution of plant-based items, our customers need insight into current trends as well as the ability to look back into historical data to fully understand the trend.”


“This is a game-changer for our customers,” said Alison Watson, Associate Director of MenuTrends, Datassential’s market-leading menu analysis tool. “While companies can still create a bespoke definition for plant-based, they can now easily analyze the full breadth of the category from alternative milks to plant-based sausages. As flexitarian and climatarian diets grow, we will see plant-based items playing a more varied role on menus.”


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