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The New Eating Out Experience


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Recorded on February 3, 2022


Datassential team Jack Li, Mike Kostyo and Mark Brandau dive into the new experience of dining out in our current pandemic age, the psychology that motivates tipping, and consumer attitudes around restaurant labor in this webinar, along with the latest food trends and COVID-19 updates.


  • Datassential announces its acquisition of CHD Expert and expansion of global restaurant data
  • As of January 21, 48% of consumers are very concerned about COVID-19 and 23% “definitely avoid” eating out
  • 62% of foodservice operators say rising food costs are a top operational challenge they face
  • 34% of foodservice operators say beef is the category that inflation is most affecting when it comes to purchasing and menu planning
  • 56% of foodservice operators have raised menu prices
  • 61% of consumers say they like to tip by “adding a tip myself when I pay with a debit / credit card”
  • In the event of remarkably poor service, 62% of consumers say they would still tip

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