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What’s Hot on C-store Menus?

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Operator: Maverick Inc.

Item Type: Limited-Time Offer

Date: January 2019

Price: 2 for $2.50

Your morning just got a little better with our brand new Bavarian Cream donuts. Try a couple today. They’re only $2.50 for two for a limited time. AT A TIME when winning concepts are typically healthier options, the top performers in Datassential’s SCORES survey continue to be indulgent items. Two rose to the top in the latest survey: Casey’s Pepperoni Meatball Pizza and Maverik’s Bavarian Cream Donut.


Purchase Intent Rules

Consumers indicate intent to buy based on two SCORES that measure whether the chain or supplier brand is driving demand. Branded Purchase Intent (PI) delivers an ownable item consumers feel matches with the chain’s experience. Casey’s Pepperoni Meatball  pizza earned a 96 on this metric, as well as on Draw — which shows shoppers will stop there just for this item.


Unbranded PI Means Opportunity
This month’s runner-up is another indulgent doughnut concept that over-delivers on  Unbranded Purchase Intent with a score of 97. So, while the Bavarian Cream Donut is a great limited-time offer (LTO) for Maverik Inc., it is also a concept that could work for your operation.



Operator: Casey’s General Stores Inc.

Item Type: Limited-Time Offer

Date: January 2019

Price: $13.99

Topped with flavorful meatballs and our classic pepperoni, this brand-new pizza is here for a limited time only.


Casey’s General Store



Maverik Inc.