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Merging Data Science With the Art of Food With Jack Li, Executive Chairman of Datassential

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Jack Li is the executive chairman of Datassential. He took a 2-man company in 2001 and created a global food and beverage digital research powerhouse that helps brands like Target Foods, Jack in the Box, and General Mills innovate with data. This is the company that predicted the rise of avocado toast and is helping restaurants and food service providers match new menu items with consumer preferences.

Specifically, they focus on making food data more usable for these brands through digital tools. For example, one of their tools allows you to enter in a new menu item you’re considering and see data on how likely consumers are to enjoy it, or how to alter it to improve its appeal.

Jack joins me on Tech Talks Daily to discuss how he grew the company, how Datassential predicts food trends and the practice of merging data science with the art of food. We talk about the tech behind food trend insights, the different models Datassential uses to judge the performance of certain dishes, and how these tools benefit its customers.

We also discuss how technologies such as databases and algorithms are helping push restaurants, food service providers, and food brands into the next era and create targeted appeals to customers.

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